To book your socket installation we just need to check a couple of details below 

Terms and conditions of this offer 

This offer is for the supply and installation of 1 IP66 socket, To be installed on an outside wall directly drilled through to a matching internal socket position where a suitable supply will be taken from.  

Price for IP66 socket without RCD £75 with RCD £85  

Your existing installation will be at minimum RCD protected and have main protective bonding to both Gas and Water as appropriate.  

Any properties which do not have RCD protection will require the RCD IP66 socket option as noted below.  

All installs must be within 15 miles of Yateley or agreed before booking.  

If any of these terms are not achievable or you are unsure, please do contact us on 01252 414041 and we will be happy to answer any questions and assist you 

Do you have an RCD? like the image to the left?

The reason for asking is that any socket outlet providing power outside must be RCD protected

This is the device with the test button next to the red main switch in this image 

They come in lots of different shapes and varieties but all have a test button

If you have an RCD thats great you can go ahead and book your install 

if you dont please see below 

IP66 RCD socket 

If your home is not RCD protected the best solution is to upgrade your consumer unit and we can advise and provide a quotation for that, But if you would like to install just an outside socket in conjunction with this offer we are offering the RCD version seen in the image to the right for £85 which is a very small price to pay for this safety feature which is a must for your protection.

To take advatage of this offer simply click the RCD socket link and input your details and we will get you booked in. 

Fill your details out below and click the green button with your selection of socket and we will get a booking arranged for you